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Samus and the Plant

Samus walked around in the jungle planet she vacationed on. She kept he knife with her in case she ran into anything that would try to attack her. So far nothing dangerous had happened. Samus took a look around at her surroundings. The flora of the jungle was very beautiful, So many beautiful plants. The air smelled very nice. “I should come here more often” Samus thought as she sniffed the air.

Suddenly something that smelled exotic caught her attention. It stood out among the other things in the jungle. Strangely curious Samus followed the scent to find the source. She crossed over a fallen log, waded through a shallow pond and swung along a vine over a gap until she found the source of the smell. It was large red flower. Samus walked closer to the flower. As she neared it the scent it gave off make her feel relaxed. She walked even closer to the flower not noticing the vines around it moving out of her way. Shortly Samus was right next to the flower. She took in a big sniff and nearly collapsed at the refreshing scent. “Wow you smell incredible. Shame I can't take your scent with me” Samus said aloud. The flower seemed to hear her as the petals appeared to move.

Samus decided to go explore more of the jungle when she felt something around her ankle. She looked down to see her foot tangled in a vine. She attempted to kick it off but the vine held firm. Samus bent down to remove the vine when she was suddenly thrown into the air. “WAAA!” Samus yelped taken back by the sudden shock. The knife she had on her fell to the ground and embedded itself beside the flower. Held upside down Samus felt for her knife only to find it missing. More vines moved in to ensnare her other ankle and each of her wrists. “Let go you stupid plant!” Samus yelled as she squirmed trying to break free. Samus was rewarded by the plant positioning her right side up but putting her legs together and her arms to her sides. Even more vines wound around her body covering up her zero suit and replacing it with a viney cocoon. Soon all of Samus' body except for her head was wrapped up in vines. The vines tightened and Samus moaned a little as her mind drifted. Samus blushed and got lost in thought off being helpless.

While that was happening the vines brought Samus over to the red flower and began lowering her into it. The petals began closing around her and as she entered the plant the vines around her began to unwind around her legs. Samus reacted to her legs being unwrapped and looked down at her predicament. She realized the plant wanted to eat her and snapped back to reality. “Ah No! Don't eat me!” Samus screamed as she was lowered deeper into the flower. Soon her legs were free and she began kicking inside the plant. That did nothing as the vines lowered her in more. Shortly Samus was only wrapped around her upper arms and her upper torso. She could move her lower arms but most of her body was inside the plant so it did little to help. Samus looked up to see the flower's petals close around her blocking the light. The last of the vines released her and she slid down the flower's stem and landed in a pod like chamber.

Free of the vines Samus thought of a way to get out of the plant when she noticed the pod was beginning to fill with liquid. Her foot grazed the liquid and she yelped in pain. The Liquid was the plants digestive juices designed to dissolve her body for consumption. Fearing for her life Samus' Chozo training kicked in. Determined to get out Samus began clawing her way back up the stem of the flower. It was tricky since the sides were slightly slippery and she slid back down once. But once she saw that the liquid had climbed higher. Samus darted up the stem.

Samus reached the petals of the flower and with her Chozo strength pried them apart and thrusted herself up out. But the flower had other ideas. From inside the plant a vine covered in bumps swarmed up and wrapped around Samus' legs around her body and around her neck. The vine attempted to pull her back down but Samus fought back hard. “No not this crap again” Samus thought as she pulled back. Luckily her arms were still free and Samus noticed her knife next to the plant. With all her strength she reached out to the knife fighting the vine around her every step of the way. Inching closer and closer her fingers grazing the knife. The Plant seeing its prey was strong sent out its other vines to ensnare her again. The vines wound around her body and her arms pulling Samus back to the flower. Samus grabbed the knife just as she was pulled back. Once the flower had her back in its stem the other vines retracted except for the bumpy one.

Samus was almost into the pod again when she noticed two weird colored roots the pod above the acid. (Think of the plant from Ice Age 3.) Thinking quickly Samus threw the knife at the roots. The knife sliced through both roots and plant seemed to shriek in pain as it died. The digestive juices drained away and the bumpy vine around her loosened. Samus unwound the vine and retrieved her knife, Then climbing backing out the stem Samus freed herself from the flower. As she got out Samus noticed that the flowers' petals still had the aroma she smelled earlier. Taking the knife she cut herself a piece of the petal to take back with her. Samus walked back to her ship deciding she had enough of the jungle today.

End of part 3.
The next chapter in my Samus saga. Nothing mature this time around just a chapter based around Megatronman's images involving Samus and a plant



The next chapter will involve Samus and Dark Samus and the pics revolving around Raver1357's Build a Bondagette2 (With the exception of the last one. And some minor changes)

ShadoVore Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2012
Nice story, I like how she didn't die and stayed to her Charecter of escaping
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